About Us

Link building is one of those things a true SEO can't live without, but on the other hand, it's also one of those things that can ruin one's day completely, as it can become very annoying at some times.

Manage your links the easy way

Link Admin is an online tool specially created to help SEO's gain maximum efficiency when running their link building campaigns. It doesn't do any work itself, nor does it help to find good links, but Link Admin... just like the name says... is a tool that helps managing and administrating link deals and more.

Link Admin is not an average link management tool, but a sophisticated tool using the latest web techniques that can be used for link building administration purposes in first place. In second place, users can also advertise their link requests to each other in the same category. Naturally, only if they agree and have enabled the option to receive link requests from fellow Link Admin users.

One of Link Admin's unique features is the filter which can be used to filter all available data on several different levels:

  • Account level
  • Website level
  • Category level
  • Custom variables

Terms of use

New users can try Link Admin for free for the length of one week after signing-up. After the expire date there are two different ways that users can choose from, to continue using their Link Admin account:

  1. Use it for free in exchange for a reciprocal link.
  2. Pay a fixed amount of $50 per year.

Both of these choices will be presented to new users after signing-up.

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