Privacy Policy

Your privacy is utmost important to us. At Link Admin we do everything our power to ensure the highest possible level of privacy and trust for all of your personal data.

This privacy policy applies to

Your information is safe with us

Using the Link Admin tool means storing personal data (such as name, e-mail, password and account details). All data is stored in databases which can only be reached with users' log in credentials.

Passwords are all stored in a safe way using encryption technology so they can not be accessed. This also means that Link Admin has no access to see a user's password, though registered users can request a password reset.

Link Admin has build in the latest technologies to prevent unregistered users from accessing any other user's data.

Link Admin does not ask you to provide credit card or other payment account information.

You can rely on the fact that Link Admin does not exchange, nor provide, personal data to third parties.

Changes to this privacy policy

Link Admin reserves the right to change certain parts of this privacy policy, if necessary. By all means, Link Admin would never change anything that would reduce your safety without your explicit consent, nor make your personal data vulnerable at any time.